Visited by the Ghosts of Christmas

As I struggle to get into the spirit of the holidays…I still feel as if I’ve been robbed of most of the year…what happened to the spring, summer and fall by the way?…I get some random visits from the spirits of the season.  From the ghost of Christmas Past:  a card from a sister-in-law I knew in another life.  There are times when my life has been crystal clear.  The movement, the path.  At this point of my life I can look back with fascination and some humor at the irony of it all.  Every single move is in line with a greater destination.  As much as I tried to predict and force the river to flow my way, it had a course of its own.  And it was the course that has shown me my life.  I wonder what it might have been like if I would have gone with the flow earlier and just let life guide me?  The “ghost” of Christmas didn’t really take me too far into my past, just far enough to see what life was like and may have been.

There were no other visits, as of yet..I’m pretty much living out the ghost of Christmas present.  Bah Humbug.  I’m no scrooge but I’ve lost some connection to the magic.  My family is scattered.  They would say I am the scattered one.  My family is different now.  They come in and out of my life like clouds moving.  There are times when they take up such big parts of the sky and time when they are just float through.  I am different now.  If the ghost of Christmas future does pay a visit to me, I will close my eyes and not look.  I don’t want to see where the river flows.  I want to just go with it as it flows.  No doubt it will be a great adventure.  I’ve been invited to the table.  It’s my Jubileee!

Gotta go find Tiny Tim.  God Bless Us Every One!!!!!!!!!IMG_3486


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