My shield slowly drops and I realize I am defenseless against your magic. I am hypnotized, mesmerized and energized.

Switch my light on
Turn my volume up
How could I have slept so long
When this is my favorite part of the day?

Wide awake and full of charge
Enough to power up this city
Every last light bulb
Every last power tool

Run away with me
Just for the night
And break this bread with me
Enough to feed me for life

lay your happiness on me  

lay your happiness on me  

Some days are just electric  I’m plugged in!




Where’s the music?

I need to write a song! My guitar is pissed I’m certain because the deal was she doesn’t play for anyone but me and I don’t write music without her. So let’s just pretend this is poetry but the music is in my head:

Walk into the woods with me old friend.
Slowly take a breath and breathe it in.
Sit by the fire and listen closely. Can you hear the stars falling, hear the owls Calling? Do you remember?

Thank you for finding me
Thank you for guiding me
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you my friend.

Sit on the beach with me.
Stare out upon the sea. It makes me feel so small but makes me so aware that there is nothing bigger than this moment here.

Thank you for finding me
Thank you for guiding me
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you thank you.

Will you stay for just a little while? Face to face and share your smile? I just want to talk with you and memorize your laugh. I just want to walk with you and share a common path. Just for a little while?

Thank you for finding me
Thank you for guiding me
Thank you for teaching me. Thank you my friend.

I will sing this song to the wind and hope it finds you time and time again. When my brain and fingers are on speaking terms again I will sing this to you.

Angels and Fire Setters are still here…thank God

I have lost some momentum as of late.  Mounting debt and general post-stroke hardships are taking their toll.  I try to stay positive.  I have great support.  Still I find myself struggling and once again at a point when I felt myself sinking, the angels showed up or more accurately I sought them out.

At the end of a work trip (which never feels like work) I had an unexpected extra day to spend in the LA area.  Knowing that many of my Life  Ride family are in that part of the world , I made some calls and found myself headed towards the city.  My good friend Kevin DeSantis  and his girlfriend Heather offered me a place to hang out for the day and night.  That allowed me to meet a new friend, Demitri Diachenko, and hang out with Gilles Marini again.  That these people would take time out of their lives to share with me continues to humble me.

The following morning, I received the gift of an impromptu visit from one of my great inspirations and heroes, Kurt Yeager.  We spent the morning swapping stories of life after disabling devastation.  I realized what I suspected was true before but was now clearly confirmed:  there are angels walking among us. Kurt lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Hospitalized for months, he eventually rehabbed himself back to his passion of bmx. He also rides a motorcycle again and has used his celebrity (both in the bmx world and as an actor) to bring awareness to disabilities and raise money for all types of charities. He is an old soul and connects with the world with w

Back to the future.

8/13/2015:  I started to write this as few weeks back. The training went well.  I made some new friends and caught up with some old friends. Kevin DeSantis and his beautiful girlfriend Heather were generous enough to open their home to me and introduce me to new friends.  Dimitri Diatchenko, you are handsome and charming. I hope our paths cross again!

I got to finally meet the amazingly beautiful Carol Marini and catch up with my BFAM (brother from another mother), Gilles Marini.  It was a marvelous visit. Then another pleasant surprise when Kurt Yeager visited the next morning and we got to catch up and exchange life stories. He is one of the smartest, most evolved men I have ever met and I am grateful to know him.

Driving through west LA back to the airport, I was once again filled with the awesomeness of being alive. So as I read my earlier start to a blog entry ( below) I realize that what I might be experiencing is not being behind but being ahead and not knowing how to adapt.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Life is good.

7/16/2015:   So I am sitting on a plane headed to LA or someplace close. I get to do an instructor training for some new recruits in the H-D Riding Academy. I am typically more excited by now but I have very mixed emotions. More and more lately I feel really off my game. It has been a long time since I have felt so lost and insecure. I have been away too long and feel behind in everything. I am trying to stay positive and remember all I do have. It feels like every thing is shifting under me and I can’t hold on.

On a positive note, I am hoping to catch up with some of my Kiehl’s Ride friends.  And once the training starts, I know I’ll be fine and bury myself in the experience.  

In the meanwhile, my son and his biological family are halfway around the world and I was not able to join the fun.  I miss all of the “sibs” and my sister wives and know they will be having tons of fun. Not as much as if I were there but they will have to be strong and adjust.

I have been to Germany, Sweden and Denmark before but I wanted to share the experience with my son. Next time. I will try to console myself by enjoying Cali and hopefully cross some more things off my bucket list.

My son is home now and has gotten his own chance to live and see that life is good.

Get off your technology and go outside. It’s amazing!  And don’t forget

The meteor shower tonight!