Butt Kick

When I become complacent, the universe is kind enough to present opportunities that remind me to show up, be passionate, and be grateful.  When I have to wander aimlessly through life, going through the motions and faking passion, the great mystery calls me out, taunts me and challenges me to engage in living again.  Kicks me in the butt.

I will not shame myself because I have been caught treading water. I will celebrate that I am able to move from my stagnation and see events that are amazing gifts.  I will try to thank the Mystery for believing in me, loving me despite my shortcomings and not permitting me to wither and die before I am dead.  I will try and remember that I am the Mystery.  The Mystery is ME.

I am off to live in the light with the other children of the light.  How did I get to be so lucky?image