noun: recovery; plural noun: recoveries

  1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

“signs of recovery in the housing market”

  1. the regaining of substances in usable form, as from refuse material or waste products
  2. the extraction of usable substance out of waste.


People still pose questions about my recovery.  I continue to have residual issues with my left side and so I limp (I’m working on eliminating that) and my left arm and hand continue to have a mind of their own.  Any rehabbing at this point is on my own, forcing myself to use my limbs as much as possible.  People often comment on how well I have recovered.  It’s true, I’m just a little more of a perfectionist.  I want more.  I’ve accepted that things are different but I will not accept that I cannot fix my walk and get more hand and arm use.

I broke down and joined a writing group.  I’m going mostly to meet people and avoid isolation but it is also dedicated time to just write.  I have toyed with writing about the stroke in more than just disconnected blog posts so I am trying to organize and capture things that might be helpful to the survivors of stroke or even for those around them.  Everyone is impacted when a stroke happens.  So as I did some surface level research, I came across the basic definition of recovery.  I love the last one:  “extracting something useful out of waste”.  It makes me even more determined to make something positive out of what is otherwise a devastating experience.  I have written before about the gifts that this has brought to me such as patience, vulnerability, awareness on so many levels, but it may be time to extract more usable substance for others’ benefit.  So, it was either a book or a standup routine.  Maybe I’ll do both.

As the winter and coldness approach, I must find ways to stay focused.  Writing helps me with this too.



3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Beth December 7, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    I have no doubt you will “extract something useful out of waste” … you already have, my friend! Taking your journey mindfully and sharing your heart has touched mine. Thank you. Be well, be focused, be mindful … and stay warm 🙂


  2. Elizabeth December 7, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    Kim – I am always very moved by your writings. You have been pulling something valuable out of all this. How about putting together a compilation of these essays into a book. I’d love to read some of the old ones and look forward to the new. Good for you, the writing class. Keep up the good work – Elizabeth


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