Introducing next…..

Introducing MaryAnne Moore Scherer, certified nurse midwife, former middle/high school science teacher and a badass friend who kept me fixed with Starbucks when I was hospitalized.  (She saved a lot of lives for sure).  Like many of my friends, she inspires me and makes me grateful to be in the world.

Me:  Positive/defining moment in your life?

MaryAnne:  My positive and challenging life changing event is really captured in one moment. Ray’s birth changed my life. I was horribly mis-managed during my labor and delivery which led me out of the classroom and into midwifery school. I went through postpartum depression, anxiety, and a massive panic attack in the classroom about two years after he was born (undiagnosed postpartum depression/anxiety), left teaching, and decided to pursue this career (that could be an entire other blog in itself). Although his birth and the first few years were extremely challenging- did I mention that my father was hospitalized for major dementia when Ray was 4 months old and died 5 years later–being his mom has made me a better human than I ever would have been without him.


Me:  What’s the meaning of life in your opinion?


MaryAnne:  The meaning of life—- I think you make the best of out the random chaos in the universe that is thrown your way. Be kind to others (even if they are asshats to you–there is usually a reason why) and choose your family wisely.


Me:  What keeps you moving forward?

MaryAnne:  what keeps me breathing in and out? It seems really cliche, but it is that kid of mine. I want him to be a more well-adjusted person than I was/am— and I want to see how that all plays out. Also- I am really stubborn, so I just keep fighting since it is in my nature.

Thank you MaryAnne.  For agreeing to this project, for sharing openly what I know was painful.  Thank you for your friendship and for providing me with Kleenex when I could not stop weeping for joy, for pride and the impending unknown on 8th grade completion night.  Thank you eternally for your gifts of Starbucks!!!



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